We regret to announce that laundrypd.com decided to close down the business.

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Laundry PD

Boasting 25 years of experience in service laundry, LAUNDRY PD offers exceptional, wholesale laundry service to local dry cleaning businesses in the Manhattan and Long Island area. Pick-up and drop off service, wedding dress cleaning service, law enforcement uniform cleaning, and large down items are just a few offerings LAUNDRY PD promises to deliver to the highest degree of customer satisfaction. We strive for punctuality, consistency, and unparalleled customer service so that once a customer of LAUNDRY PD, always a customer. We look forward to doing business with you as the most trusted name in wholesale laundry, servicing the Manhattan and Long Island area.

Why Customers love us

My business greatly benefitted from using the services of this laundry wholesale plant, which impeccably cleaned the shirts that I had sent. In one week, I sent 1000 shirt pieces and there was no need of do over. Clients were fully satisfied with the excellent service, giving a rating of 5 stars for this laundry plant.
One of my clients owns and manages a dry cleaners located in downtown Wall Street. One of the customers had left an important card in one of their shirts and worried that it would be lost if the shirt went to the laundry plant. Two days later, the shirt was delivered and the card was enclosed in a zip-lock bag. The client was quite impressed by the level of professionalism and courtesy.
There is a dry cleaners located in downtown west-side. The owner of this dry cleaners has worked with this plant for many years. Regardless of the weather, the laundry plant's pick-up and delivery service has always been consistently punctual arriving within an hour of the agreed time. Collaborating with this laundry plant has boosted and greatly helped the business and heightened the quality of this dry cleaners.
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